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Painful Joint in My Foot Felt Much Better

I am very pleased to have met Jan and learned about her work with SomaEnergetics tuning and energy forks. In the three sessions that I've had with Jan, so far, I really felt the energy moving while she "tuned me up". After the first session I had a detox headache which is a great indication that my body was healing something, somewhere. After the second session I felt light and energized and a painful joint in my foot felt so much better. After the third session I felt so relaxed, balanced and peaceful and once again the foot pain that had returned over the weekend was gone. Jan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a very positive energy, a soothing and pleasant voice and it is obvious that she really cares about and desires to help others. I am happy to recommend Jan to anyone looking for a full body "tune-up." You will feel better.

- Connie Cady., Emotion Code Practioner

Springfield OR 

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