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DNA Ancestral Release Technique 

RNA/DNA Tuners use frequency and vibration to affect our human blueprint. It is the information that creates our physical body. That information gets out of sequence (misspelled) either through genetics, stress, toxins, or possibly through the validation of misinformation into our belief system. Using specific vibrations and our conscious intention in the etheric field, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we may be able to correct some of these misspellings and therefore create a better quality of life. The Holy Spirit is called upon when using these frequencies to assist the client in breaking old habit patterns that no longer serve a purpose in their physical, emotional and spiritual development.

The 60 min RNA-DNA tuning technique is a re-programming technique to clean the slate of your negative pattern responses to stimuli and situational triggers. These Archangel based tuning forks are incorporated with the Solfeggio Scale tuning forks used during the Energy Vitality Technique to balance the body‘s energy flow.

60 Minute Session  $60

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