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Brain/Body Communication Technique 

Using Brain Tuners to Enhance Your Quality of Life and

Create Optimum Communication Between Your Brain and Body! 

This technique is used at the beginning of any session to help center the body, test for polarity and check for communication between the brain and body. In the brain, the cerebrum gives message to the cerebellum and the cerebellum delivers it to the body. This technique tests, and then if necessary, energetically strengthens communication between the brain and the body. 

This communication between the brain and body, called "Cell Talk," must take place for the body to heal and maintain health. In other words, the "Captain" must be sailing the ship for healing to take place, otherwise the crew is in mutiny! This communication can be disrupted through trauma, mal-nutrition, stress and environmental factors. 


I use Kineseology to test, and if necessary, correct brain polarity, balance, focus and communication between R-L brain.


$20 per session

This technique can be included in a 60 minute tuning fork session

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